Time spent playing with your Dogs is never wasted.

Dog Toys

Handmade dog toys for large and small breeds, made from unique, high-quality materials. Different sizes and fillings, such as squeakers, noisy paper and rattles are available. Details are listed with each product.


11.50 CHF

If you are interested in one of these toys, you can write a message via Contact.

You can order the toys in the following sizes:

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL

On the left you see the front side and on the right the back side.

Checkered Eco-Bone from jeans fabric, size XS, stuffed with plain filling.

Yellow Eco-Bone, Size S with a squeaky.

White Eco-Bone from jeans material , size S, stuffed with plain filling.

Blue & white striped Eco-Bone with black, size M, stuffed with plain filling. 

Rainbow Eco-Bone, Size L with a squeaky.

Yellow Eco-Bone from jeans, size XL with a squeaky and noisy paper.

Flowery Eco-Bone from jeans, size XXL with a rattle.



If you are interested, please contact me here.